4 Top Football School Trips in Europe

Football teams thrive on new competition and a fresh way of looking at their game, both as individuals and as a cohesive unit. Football school trips are an excellent way to give teams that boost in an invigorating, different setting with expert coaching. High-energy training sessions will work to improve teams’ strength, stamina and performance, while games with other visiting teams will put their skills to the test. Well-earned downtime will allow them to relax in warm, enjoyable and safe settings. Youth football teams will return with an even stronger game. There are many top destinations around Europe, including Cologne, Greece, Malta and Lake Garda for end of season trips.


A venue for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Cologne is a natural destination for football school trips. Teams can train in the Sports Centre Wedau, 30 miles north of the city, in world-class dedicated sports facilities. There they can focus on core skills including footwork, tackling, scoring and team co-ordination. For downtime, the city of Cologne and its environs offers day trip possibilities to fascinate students and intersect with some of their other curriculum needs. Attractions include the twelve Romanic churches of Cologne, the inland port of Duisberg, the medieval castle of Eltz, and more.


Greece, one of the earliest homes of sporting competition, is another top candidate for young sports enthusiasts. Based at Loutraki, football teams can train in SPORTCAMP, the country’s largest private sports centre, and relax along the stunning Mediterranean coastline. They can also explore the history of sports by visiting Athens, host to the restored 1896 Olympics and, more recently, the 2004 Olympics. The copious ancient ruins of Greece, at Athens, Napflion and Corinth, also make fantastic day trips that will enrich students’ experience.


Malta is a top destination for all young sports aficionados, including those who love and play football. It is notable for its safety – a priority for any educational group – and its warm, pleasant climate. Groups can stay in St Julian’s Bay, a coastal town only 30 minutes from the high quality sports facilities where teams will train and play. The best time of year for school trips to Malta is the May half term, when the weather is finest and many other youth teams will be present, but it is an excellent site year-round.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest of Italy’s northern lakes and a stunning setting for football school trips, with gleaming water surrounded by cypress forests, olive trees and lemon groves. The sports facilities give teams everything they need to train and participate in friendly fixtures. They can go on an excursion to the famous San Siro Stadium in Milan, home to A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano, as well as seeing the wider city and enjoying the entertainment options around the lake.