Verifying The Quality Of Fire Proof Doors

A fire proof door installed in strategic areas inside a structure can save precious lives if maintained on a regular basis. It is imperative for these door sets that they are checked regularly to evaluate of they are able to protect the inhabitant of the building whenever a fire happens. As unwelcome any kind of fire is, it is not a good reason to not provide fire resistant doors for the public to use.

There is a regulatory body that stipulates the placement of doors that can withstand heat to the highest level for certain number of minutes. Once the building has not complied with the regulations, then the owner won’t be able to allow people to occupy the building unless the right doors are provided. Thus, everyone that is affected by a fire breakout will be able to use this passage. When people are given passive fire protection, it would be easier for the fire fighters to get on with saving the property if they can.

The door label can contain the fire rating and this rating imposed by the authorities will depend on the kind of building one has put up. For most warehouses, the specified rating is about 60 minutes at the minimum while homes can be specified at 30 minutes fire rating to ensure that people will find a way to evacuate any time a fire strikes inside a building.

Inspections for these doors can entail the checking of the following aspects of the fire proof door by the right people. Unless you obtain a yearly clearance for good condition of these doors, the whole area will be at higher risk of being ravaged by fire. Here are a few things to consider when checking fire resistant doors:

Holes or gaps in the door and the door set can always signal that this door can be less fire resistant and therefore won’t be able to function as expected. Small holes in the door can mean that smoke can spread quickly to other areas in the building. This is even more risky when the area being protected is full of combustible material and flammable substances like a laboratory.

Hinges can be destroyed when people use the door in the wrong way or the hinge may really have a factory defect right from the start. The inspectors should be able to notice a hinge does not function well. It will ensure that when people use this passage as an escape route, the hinge won’t let the door sag and no perceptible error in the installation of the hinge can be observed.

Gap of the door leaf from the floor is important since the intumescent seal that melt in the event of fire should be able to fill this little gap. If there is a huge gap, it is more likely that the door can allow smoke and fire to break into other rooms and the intumescent seal won’t be able to fill the large gap totally so the door can be rendered unusable.

Night vision frames in the door should not be broken, in case this part is present in the door. These frames must not contain any holes. Attempting to repair the holes or cracks can be useless since a strong fire can melt these fillers and endanger the lives of other people inside the building.

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