Why The Emergency Radio May Turn Out to Be The Most Critical Tool In Your Bug-Out Bag

Knowledge is power, especially in survival situations when every bit of information counts. Whether it is a simple weather forecast or a news report, it can be useful in assessing the rapidly changing state of things and to plan the next step. A reliable source of information is always valuable.

The radio is known worldwide to be one of the fastest and most convenient ways of disseminating and getting information across long distances. Despite the prominence of other such media sources as TV and the internet, the radio remains a staple mainly because of its portability and its ease of use. This is the reason why radios have always been a typical part of all emergency kits. However, like many pieces of modern technology, even the hardy radio is vulnerable to the potential of being rendered inoperable by lack of electric power. Spare batteries are nice, but they will ultimately run out. And in times of disaster where there are no other sources of power are available, a missed morsel of information over the airwaves may spell the difference between life and death.

This is where the emergency radio comes in. Upgraded from the conventional radio models, the emergency radio has been specifically designed to last in those unexpected situations. It is geared to run on minimal power, and nowadays even provides a plethora of other features specifically suited to helping its owner in times of distress.

Because of its dependence on renewable power sources, the emergency radio is more often designed with a light source in the form of an LED flashlight. Blinking emergency lights may also be found on many models. This allows for an easy way to grab attention during times of distress, such as being stranded along the roadside. The radio speakers may include a built-in siren that sounds like a car alarm and can signal for help if lost or trapped in the back country. It is also an excellent tool to chase off animals because its loud, shrill alarm hurts their ears. A USB port that charges your other electronic devices such as cellphones is also available. All this comes in a durable case, geared to make the emergency radio hold up in situations where your conventional radio receiver would have long given up.

The emergency radio is, of course, equipped with the standard reception of AM and FM bands. Almost all emergency radios also feature a rechargeable battery that can store power before a disaster hits. Due to advances in modern technology, the emergency radio is also almost always equipped with some form of self-renewing energy cell, the most common of which are solar energy collectors and hand crank dynamo. However, even solar panels may be rendered useless when trapped in a dark place where there is not enough sunlight to power the photovoltaic cells. This is why a reliable backup is the hand crank found on emergency crank radios. Using the crank to turn a miniature generator inside the emergency radio itself allows for a near limitless supply of power.

The only way an emergency radio would be totally useless is if you don’t have it with you. Some emergency radios are specifically designed with bright colors that are easy to locate and grab when on the go. These vibrant colors even make them fun to use even without any emergencies! With the emergency radio, there’s no more excuses to be disconnected from the airwaves of information – be it anywhere from a casual picnic with your family, or while camping en route to a far off mountain peak.

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